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My Meghan

Where do I begin telling the tale of our first 2+ years together? And you’re turning 27 tomorrow (I didn’t really forget), which means we’re both crushing our later 20s and doing it with smiles on our faces alongside this little bundle of joy..

Since May of 2016 when we went on our first date, I had that feeling in the pit of my stomach that I had met my match; someone that would push me to evolve and grow in ways I had not yet experienced, all while loving me unconditionally. We have had many learning moments over the past 27 months or so, but our commitment to growth alongside each other is the fuel to our fire. And FIRE we are. The fire that burns so bright that we must temper our expectations in the short term (as we wait for my graduation) to allow our vision for the future to come to fruition.

This grad school life isn’t easy sometimes. You provide me with space and encouragement when my head is buried in the books before a big test, and smother me with affection when it’s time to celebrate another win. We work through the tough times together, and laugh and play when we need to let off some steam. You deserve the world, and I’m determined to give you all that, plus the stars. Soon we will be traveling to our most sought after locations around the world, and that dream becomes a reality once I transition from student to Doctor in a few short months. Our trip to Breckenridge, CO is one we won’t soon forget.

When we met I had Royal, you had Milo and we decided on the brilliant idea of bringing another furry monster (Kona) into the house after we moved in together. And then shortly after came the news that we were expecting Brecken Zachary. A hectic time to say the least, but we took the news in stride and looked only to the positives of parenthood. He is a wonderfully amazing mixture of both our looks and personality; he is happy, smiley and a constant ray of sunshine, which I attribute to our dedication to reduce stress and to live our best life. We have raised an amazing boy to this point and he has such a bright future because we’re committed to bringing him into the world the right way. No shortcuts, no easy way. Just consistent attention and all the love he can handle. You have made this transition to parenthood seamless, and we haven’t skipped a beat. Your attention to detail keeps us on track and organized, all while running the operations for a local thriving, local organic juicery with 3 locations and dozens of employees. The more you take on, the more you rise to the occasion.

I recently read in a book titled ‘the Code of the Extraordinary Mind’ that in order to “bend reality” in your favor you must focus on two things above all else: 1) Pure happiness in the present moment 2) a clear vision for the future. If one can attain these two principles simultaneously, they can begin hacking their life to reach sought after goals and aspirations, all while avoiding the dreaded burnout. This is our principle moving forward. To be propelled forward with the vision of a life worth living, while also maintaining the awareness of how far we have come and being grateful for the lessons learned along the way. We both want to change the world, and our reach is so much wider when we’re side by side along this phenomenal ride we call life. I couldn’t think of anyone else I’d want to spend my life with.


I call you my sweet angel for a reason. You have shown me how to find happiness, how to be a better man and father and most importantly, how to love. It is my passion in life to provide the lost and afraid with the courage and direction needed to obtain a beautiful life, and that is all possible because of you. My WHY becomes stronger every day because you have shown me the path toward my own personal salvation, and for that I am, and will always be eternally grateful. You have given me the courage to stand up for my beliefs and to trust my voice. You and I have so much to offer the world, let’s make the choice to provide the best of ourselves when called upon.

Happy Birthday, my sweet angel. Here’s to many, many more.

“Every person is a question that the world asks itself, and the way you live your life is the answer.” – Carl Jung

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