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Keystone Elements (of wellness)

Look well to the spine for the CAUSE of disease. -Hippocrates

Now 31 (as of January 5th, 2020), my realization that the KEYs to life maybe aren’t so difficult or illusionary, yet are made that way by over-analyzing all possible scenarios and under-utilizing the intelligence of the world around us to guide our daily actions.

This may sound esoteric, which I understand. Instead I see it as a familiar idea that has been watered down by social media noise, overwhelming stress and news pundits simply looking for the next big THING to report. When I think back on my 31 years of life, certain patterns are recognized, both expansive and compressive. Expansive patterns might include a new workout regimen, starting a new academic endeavor or starting a blog, something that CREATES energy; whereas a bad relationship, an uninspiring work environment or depressive episodes might constitute a compressive pattern, or something that DESTROYS energy. 

To make this discussion simple, if I can maximize the expansive patterns and learn from the compressive patterns, I will expand. The opposite is true if I am unconscious to the compressive patterns and/or don’t seek out expansion. 

So, where is this going? You ask great questions.

Based on my current understanding of life, I have narrowed my focus down to 4 areas in which we can build a foundation of health, while expanding toward a higher state of awareness; opening the door to new opportunities we would have only dreamt of otherwise. These subjects I have dubbed the “Keystone Elements”. 

Keystone: a wedge-shaped stone at the apex of a masonry arch; it is the final piece placed during construction and locks all the stones in position, allowing the arch to bear weight. (as seen below)

A keystone symbolizes the most important foundational piece in this style of architecture, and parallels the meaning behind this philosophy. If we do not have a foundation to bear the weight of life’s experiences, we may crumble beneath them. My intention with this post is to help lay the groundwork for those looking to break the patterns that have built up through years of physical, mental, emotional, spiritual traumas. We all have patterns, the hardest part is becoming aware of them and seeking change. Our first stop: the PLAN.

The four elements spoken here are: Chiropractic, Motion, Presence and Nourishment. Arranged in this order allows for consistent and gradual evolution over the long term. Nourishment is included in the form of coaching as needed.

Phase 1: Chiropractic and spine health

Phase 2: Functional movement (Motion) and core stability

Phase 3: Strength training and our Presence model

Phase 4: Wellness (or Maintenance) care


Since its origin in 1895, Chiropractic has saved countless lives by restoring the proper function of the brain and nervous system using chiropractic adjustments to the spine. Using this information, the potential for this healing technique is virtually endless. If it is controlled by the intelligence of the brain and nervous system, it can be positively influenced by Chiropractic. I equate the power of a Chiropractic adjustment in this way: your brain is the master computer (hardware) that controls all actions of the body, those within your control and without (ex: walking, or the regulation of your heart beat). 

An adjustment has the potential of providing a software upgrade to that hardware (think of an iOS update to your iPhone), providing proper motion of the bones that make up the spinal column, allowing it to function more efficiently. Benefits include but are not limited to: pain relief, symptoms related to chronic illnesses, improved motor control, symptoms related to anxiety or depression, digestion concerns, and a myriad of others. Without the use of drugs or surgeries, this conservative yet highly effective treatment can change the way we move, think and feel. 

If I can be an outlet to find a skilled Chiropractor in your area, please comment below.


As stated above, Chiropractic can have a supremely positive impact on the health of an individual because it is giving the person information they need to process the world more effectively. Motion, or our ability to move, can offer us the same response. If you have children, this will be a simple concept to follow: When a child is born, their movement patterns are very simple (rolling, rocking, crawling) and become more complex as their bodies mature (walking, running, jumping, sport related patterns, etc.). 

As we get older and lose the abilities we had growing up, my working theory is that we have overridden the movement programs we were born with and have installed the wrong information due to society’s tendency toward a sedentary lifestyle. By implementing a structured movement program designed to regain control of the patterns we were born with, we can improve our physical health with age. 


As mentioned, in order to truly achieve HEALTH in our lives we must dedicate our days to the pursuit of conscious behaviors. The first two phases of care are designed to create health of your physical body, but what about mentally and spiritually? Presence to me dives deep into understanding how we SHOW UP for the world: in joy, happiness and excitement (expansion) or in fear, anxiety, depression, etc. (compression). Understanding the difference between the two is the first step, making a change is the ultimate goal. 

Through meditation, journaling, breathwork, yoga or others, we can begin to unwind the patterns that have built up over the course of life to determine an effective strategy of creating anew. 


This might be the most important element of them all. Even if you’re taking the daily steps listed above and have satisfied 3 of the 4 elements, poor nourishment will slow progress and ultimately stunt your growth. Nourishment combines our food intake, hydration, supplementation and medication dependency. We all have individual needs which will maximize our healing potential into the future; the goal is consistency and accountability to make better choices.

Seeing it all on one page, laid out in this format seems like a lot. I can understand that. My intention with this post is to break down how these 4 areas can be combined in a sustainable manner over the course of several months to not only achieve health as we age, but also to give specific insight so you know what to expect from care at the CAVE. I hope that this information allows the understanding needed to experience Chiropractic, along with the 3 other elements personally in office. 

The recommendations offered to you here are all things I have personally done to break my own patterns built up over the years. None of us are immune to the stresses of life, the difference between the healthy and unhealthy is their integration of those stressors. Do we let life kick us in the teeth daily because of poor spine health, inadequate movement patterns and less than ideal nutritional planning? Or do we transcend through the noise to live a fulfilling life, no matter what life throws at us? The variability of our experiences is determined through our planning. “You plan to fail when you fail to plan.” 

Abundantly yours, 

Dr. J

(Please share if called to do so! Or comment/message me for more information.)

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